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2020 Turning Point

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Twenty twenty was a turning point for all human beings. Many different forces came together to make a noticeable difference to our lives.

COVID 19 pandemic resulted in extensive lock downs. This lead to an increase in social unrest, mental health issues and death.

Climate change increased natural disasters, like wildfires, tornadoes, ice storms and bitter cold. Drought is a major concern in the United States and Canada.

Cyber attacks on food and energy infrastructures in the United States disrupted supply and distribution of these products.

Government assistance and other programs are plunging countries into massive debt. Prices for almost everything has dramatically increased due to inflation.

Global Distribution was easily disrupted with one boat stuck in the Suez Canal. Goods of every nature were held up for weeks resulting in a huge demand for products. Prices spiked.

One factor on its own would be enough to cause confusion, chaos and fear. Not having control over the events in your life is stressful.

While we cannot control everything we can plan what is needed to deal with a potential event. Prepare to the best of your ability following your plan and protect what you have. and who you love.

This is not a dooms day site. Let's concentrate on what makes sense, what probable event would affect you and how you can deal with it.

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